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Letter for wine collection
by CPD Estudio



give me any nickname you want. like for real. a shortened form of my actual name. something completely unrelated to my actual name. shit call me the name of one of my favorite characters. anything. any nickname. i will love it and love you for giving it to me. as long as it’s not something like uncoolbutt mcboringface i will love it. and you. especially you

one time i told my friend he could call me anything he wanted and he came up with Wrinklenose McButtsex

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New ‘Be creative’ Drawing


Marriage Announcement of Napoleon, Emperor of France, to Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria, received by President James Madison, 1810.

Item From: General Records of the Department of State. (09/1789-).

Here is the marriage announcement of Napoleon Bonaparte and his second wife Marie-Louise of Austria. It was sent to President Madison and is signed by Napoleon himself.



Story to this one. Started as phone doodle on envelope from the taxman, long call meant it got more elaborate. After call finished got more and more engrossed, then tried some new Montana acrylic white which goes onto brown lovely. No idea why it’s an ‘N’ though.

Rob Draper


Animated Wednesdays - “anxiety”


Finally happy with how it turned out #nofilter #rotunda #calligraphy #quote #davinci


Not your average alphabet book!  This is Juan de Yciar’s calligraphy manual, first published in Spain in 1548 and shown here in an edition of 1566.  Yciar’s work uses woodcuts to instruct the reader in various forms of calligraphy and ornament, elevating handwriting to an art form in a time when everyday script was being superseded by print.

(Notice anything familiar about that capital M?)

Icíar, Juan de, b. 1523?  Libro subtilissimo por el qual se ensena a escreuir y contar p[er]fectamete el qual lleua el mesmo orden que lleua vn-maestro con su dicipulo ([Saragossa?] : Impreso a costas de Miguel de Suelues … , 1566).  MERLIN catalog record


My new commission. #huyhoangdao


Working on a simple menu design incorporating calligraphy.



Calligraphy postcard to Ashely.

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